Friday, April 27, 2012

Three Months!

Oh my goodness, Baby Boy, you are growing and doing so many new things. You make us so happy and make the biggest fools out of us as we do whatever it takes to make you smile! At three months you:

  • Smile a lot. We love seeing that little face light up when you are happy. 
  • You are starting to laugh! This has happened the last couple of days. Music to our ears!
  • You are reaching for toys and even grasping them at times. I put some toys keys in your hand one night, formed your fingers around the ring, and the next thing we knew, you had passed them to your other hand!
  • You are talking! Your own language of course, but it is so fun to get you to "talk" to us.
  • You love to read books. You will listen to me read to you and even reach out to touch the pages. I so hope you are going to love to read!
  • Unfortunately, you have had a cold/head congestion for about 6 weeks. The doctor says this is ok, no medicine is necessary, but I sure don't like how it makes you feel sometimes. 
  • You are holding weight on your legs. Those might be teeny legs, but they are strong!
  • You have been in both your exersaucer and Johnny Jump Up, with lots of padding of course. We think you like them!
  • You love to be outside. If you are upset, I can take you out on the back porch and we'll look at the world outside together. I tell you about everything we can see, we listen to our woodpecker friend, and you just take everything in. I think you would stay outside for hours if we could.
  • You are still not a fan of tummy time. You are great at holding your head up straight and strong, though.
  • You had been sleeping through the night until your sniffles started waking you up. Still, though, you wake up only once between 9 and 6. Not too bad.
  • You like to be held. A lot. Sometimes all you need is a little snuggle.
  • At your last Dr. visit you weighed 12 pounds and are in the 50th percentile for your weight. In length, though, you are 70th percentile! You are a longish baby.:)
  • You still sleep in our room in the pak n' play. I can't give you up just yet!
  • We still swaddle you to sleep. You are Houdini sometimes and somehow get out of it though!
  • You are totally random with naps. You might take one for 30 minutes or 3 hours. You might take 2 a day or 4.
  • You take a pacifier about half the time. 
  • You brighten up our lives and make mornings so sweet!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Best Daddy Ever

It just has to be said. Jackson has the best daddy ever. When I go to work at night I feel so much better knowing that Jackson has a daddy who takes such good care of him. I love you Christopher and I am so thankful for you!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Five Years!

Easter, 2007-Our first Easter as a married couple.

Easter, 2012-Our first Easter as a family of three.

Five years of joy, heartaches, love, babies, ups, and downs. Christopher and Jackson, can't wait to spend the next five years and beyond with my boys!