Wednesday, May 30, 2012

4 Months

At four months, Jackson Wade, you are so much fun! We love you more everyday and can't wait to see what you'll do next! 

  • At four months you weight 13 lbs and 15.5 ounces. You are 25 inches long. Both are about the 50th percentile for your age. 
  • You pick up anything handed to you or lying around you it goes straight to your mouth.
  • You want to eat our food! You stare at anything we put in our mouths. A few more weeks, Baby Boy.:)
  • You are a giggler! We love hearing those little chuckles and will do anything to make them happen.
  • You are rolling from your front to your back and then from your back to your side. 
  • You like to play for 10-15 minutes in your exersaucer but you are still not loving the johnny jump up.
  • You are alert and aware and it seems that you don't miss anything. We love seeing you learn!
  • You are a great sleeper! You sleep from around 9 pm to 6:30 am with at least one good long nap during the day. Thank you Baby.
  • You are now sleeping in your crib. We thought it was time and you sleep there with no problem. It's definitely harder on your Mama!
  • You have found your feet! Most of the time you have a hold of them or your toes are in your mouth.
You are the sweetest boy ever! I love going to your crib in the morning and seeing your smile. I hardly know what we did with our lives before you!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Getting Back in Shape

I need focus. I have to admit, and Chris will most definitely back me up on this, I need structure in my life  in order to get done what I need to. Especially now, with Baby Boy here, I could sit and play with him all day. When he takes a nap, there is Facebook and pleasure reading and Scramble with Friends. These things aren't bad! BUT, I find myself in need of getting back into shape-not just physically-after Jackson's arrival. This is definitely true in my spiritual life. So, I have ordered this book. I know, I've attempted one of these studies before, they can be time-consuming. I need this, though, in order to be the best Mama, wife, daughter, sister, and friend I can be. Alright, that's it. I'm putting the laptop and the iPhone away. Here are my Bible, workbook, and pen. Any accountability is appreciated!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Two Years

Two years...and missing you still takes my breath away.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Times to Remember

Last week was just all-around pretty good. Chris had his 6-month scope at Vanderbilt. Up until now, every test he has had has shown the same or worsening of his condition...ulcerative colitis if you are not aware. This test showed the same or maybe even a little better! We will take what we can get and keep praying for any improvement! After a long morning at Vandy, we went to the newly-reopened Opry Mills for lunch at Chuy's with my mom and uncle. Next was a stop at Bass Pro Shop where we picked up my mother's day present...

A hammock for the backyard!

Of course, it needs to be hung, but I am so excited. We have the perfect trees and shade for hammock-swinging in our yard. Hammock pics to follow soon of course!

When we came back to Knoxville I had to work three nights, Wednesday thru Friday. Not that fun, of course, but they went fast and now I am off thru this Thursday. A nurse's schedule is not too bad, especially when you get lots of days off to spend playing with little guys like this one:

This boy is growing! He is holding himself up, holding and playing with his toys, and constantly smiling! He is more and more fun every day and I am so blessed to be his Mama. I'm wanting time to slow down but can't wait to see what he will accomplish next.

Saturday we went out for an early Mother's Day dinner, thinking we would beat the rush...not so much. We had a long wait but Jackson was the best baby. We went to Lakeside Tavern and the hostess seated us at what she called the best table in the house. It was a beautiful night with great food, great company, and a nice view. Maybe the best thing was another early gift Jackson gave me, taking a nice little catnap during dinner. Chris and I didn't have to race through our meal as usual, but got to take our time and relax. Thanks Baby Boy!
Our week ended Sunday with a great morning at church, lunch with my boys, a lovely nap on a grey rainy day, and dinner out for Chris' mom. 

I am counting my blessings, being thankful for my own wonderful mother, and remembering and missing my grandmother. As with all holidays, there are people struggling with loss and grief and I never want to take for granted these days.