Friday, January 18, 2013

It's Been a Rough Week

Isn't he the sweetest in his little hospital gown!

We started off here, Saturday night, at Children's Hospital ER. I had called the doctor, explaining Jackson's symptoms, and he recommended going in because he said it was just going to get worse. True. Breathing like a freight train and struggling to get his coughs out, we took him in. He doesn't look sick, you say?? Ha! He had too much to explore. No sickness is going to get him down. He was all over that bed and would have been the floor if we had let him!
So one breathing treatment, a dose of steroids, and another dose in our pocket, we were headed home. Croup. You better know I watched him breathe all (practically) night after we put him to bed. So began our time of quarantine. Days and days in the house + days upon days of gray, rainy days = a restless baby and mommy. Then, by Wednesday, I thought he should have been better. He would be trying to play with his toys and would lay his head down on the floor. Poor baby boy. Long story short, I took him to the dr. and, yes RSV and a double ear infection to boot. Sooo, some Augmentin and probiotics later, we are finally home on a rainy night.
So here is Friday and I am praying that all of that is behind us and we have turned the corner. Cough is better, breathing is great, now we just have to deal with the rash which I presume is from the antibiotics. Does it ever end? 
Here's to a great weekend, lots of sunshine, and some good times with family. This is what we did for a couple minutes this morning.

Happy Friday! This weekend we are gearing up for the big #1 birthday party next Saturday. So fun!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Maybe It Was Memphis

We are just back from a quick trip to Memphis to see the Grizzlies play! The trip was made even better because we met Brian, Em, Stacey, and Wes to watch the game with. It was a much needed time away and we got back just in time to pick up our croupy baby. Oh well, he's going to be fine and we had a great time. Our trip in photos:

Awesome seats!

At the Germantown Commisary. Bar-b-que!

We finished off our time with a trip to Muddy's Bake Shop. This cupcake was called "Prozac"--and yes it was!