Friday, September 21, 2012

Lattes, candy corn, and...sand dollars?

What do pumpkin spice lattes

and candy corn 

have in common with the beach?

Usually, for us, nothing! However, this year we are taking our family beach vacation during the first weekend of Fall! We're leaving tonight and I can hardly wait. I haven't finished my packing yet (of course that's why I'm blogging) but there is so much more to take with a baby. Do I even have a swimsuit?? :) Happy 1st day of Fall tomorrow! 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Little Bit Crazy...

I need some help, and I am going a little bit crazy. A mom needs some time during the day for some quiet, time to get things done, right? So here's the thing, Jackson.will.not.nap. He's a great sleeper at night. Goes to bed at least by 8 and sleeps until 7, 7:30. I try to put him down for a morning nap around 10. Some days are ok, but most days he may sleep for 30-45 min. Afternoon naps are the worst. I learned not to nurse him to sleep at night but sometimes that is all that will put him to sleep in the afternoon. Once I lay him down, though, those little eyes pop open and he starts kicking and crying. 

So here's my I doing something that I need to adjust? Do you have any pointers? Right now it is 3:30 in the afternoon. He has napped for a total of 20 min today and is showing no signs of going to sleep but he is weepy and doesn't want to be put down. I've tried a modified cry it out method, with 10 minutes being the most time I've let him cry. He doesn't let up. Then, tonight when I go to work, he will be cranky and will make Daddy not so happy. He's such a good baby and I really have nothing to complain about, but he needs his sleep and a mama needs some quiet time, right?????? 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy Wednesday!

and your baby boy. :)
I can't imagine life without either of them. Love you boys!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Seven Months

I keep saying that at three months, Baby Boy, you got more manageable, but at six months you were so much fun!! At seven months, you are even more fun and an almost unbelievable blessing to us! At seven months:

  • you are a strong sitter. 
  • you get up to your hands and knees! From there you either slide down to your belly to get something you are after or push back to your bottom. You are going to be on the move soon!!
  • you have learned that you can roll to get something you want.
  • you are still nursing about ninety percent of the time.
  • you love solid foods. new foods this month are carrots, blueberries, squash, avocado, cheerios, ritz crackers, grapes, and watermelon. Your favorite meal is bananas and avocado.
  • you are picking up food and objects well although you have not completely developed your pincer grasp.
  • you absolutely LOVE baby bookworms at the library. Seeing the other babies, musical instruments, and bubbles are your favorite!
  • you continue to be an excellent sleeper. You average about eleven hours a night!
  • you don't have a single tooth yet! That's OK, we love that gummy grin.
  • you are a charmer. You have a smile for everyone.
  • you save your biggest smiles for when Daddy gets home.
  • you do NOT have a smile for the vacuum cleaner. You do not love that noise.
  • So much of the time, you are content to roll around, kick, and talk in the floor. 
  • you love to be around puppies and other babies. You will put your hand, gently, on a puppy or another baby's face and touch. You are so sweet.
Jackson, every time I put you to bed I pray that God keeps you in His arms through the night. You are unbelievably precious to us and we continue to marvel at the new things you do and the little boy you are becoming. I pray that you will grow, grow, grow, have fun, and find a million things to smile about. I also pray that we will learn to help you through your hurts and pains and help you to grow in a knowledge of Jesus and His love for you.