Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Day in the Country

Disclaimer: I know I'm a "nerd". I accept this fact and have come to terms. :)
For the past few months I have been researching my family history. I'm not sure what made me start being interested in this, but the more I have learned, the more I just have to know! 

Jackson and I were in Nashville last weekend to attend a couple of baby showers for my sister (Chris stayed home to get some work done on our house.). We had a free day so I convinced my mom and uncle to join me in a little researching in my hometown. 

I'm from Ashland City, and small town in Middle Tennessee. After just a little research, I have found that my ancestors were some of the first settlers in this town, not to mention the Middle Tennessee area! I will spare you the many details but we had fun visiting different places and finding out more family information.

The first place we saw was the house my mom first called home.
This house is very simple and unassuming. Uninteresting-unless you know the story about my granddaddy accidentally backing the car over my grandmother who was sunbathing in the driveway!! Or the story about my uncle, when he was a small boy, getting into the family car, somehow putting it in drive, and rolling it down the hill into the river!!

I wish I had taken a current photo of this house that was built by Jackson's great-great-great-great grandfather. My third cousin lives there now and maintains the home and farm. It is almost a 2-century farm, meaning the same family has lived and worked the farm for 200 years.

 My great-great grandfather, who was known as the "Squire" around the area because he was a judge and did a lot of work in the community.

 My great-great-great Uncle "Button" who fought and died in the Civil War.

Grandmother and Jackson checking out the mules. This was seconds before one of the mules wanted to see what Jackson's fingers tasted like and nibbled on the ends of them. I'm pretty sure his feelings were hurt more than his fingers. :)

No family research is complete without visiting at least one cemetery. This is Lorenzo Dow, my 4th, Jackson's 5th great grandfather. I mean, that's pretty old! Of course I don't know anything about this person and most likely never will, but it's interesting to me to imagine those people whom I have come from, who may have had some of the same personality traits, interests, and mannerisms as me.