Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I am frustrated. I went to the doctor again. 3 cm, 70% effaced, just no active labor. This is ok, though, because the induction day is Friday, right Regena? Well, it is unless the labor and delivery floor at the hospital is FULL, meaning if a room doesn't open up before Friday morning, we will have to be rescheduled. I know, go ahead and tell me that it's ok, you've waited this long, what's a couple more days? I'm impatient for this baby boy to come. Plain and simple. I know he could come on his own, in fact I'm praying for that and trying to be at peace. I'll just say it one more time, I promise. I don't want to wait three more days (the next scheduled day would be Monday). That's it. 
Now I will try to give you a break from my whining and distract myself by showing you some before and after project pictures. Chris and I undertook a lot of involved projects to get Jackson's room the way we wanted it, with lots of love and without spending tons of money. I think we did pretty well.:)

Remember the old dresser Chris' grandparents gave us?
 Chris did an amazing job stripping, sanding, and fixing what was broken.
The finished product: beautiful changing table and dresser that will be used for several years!
 Last thing we are working on is the bookshelf that will go in this space. Chris' mom made the awesome curtains!
It's come a long way!

Little baby boy, I am excited that you have a warm, comfortable room to come home to, but if we lived in a cardboard box and we kept you in a shoebox I would be just as happy. As impatient as I am, stay in there and come out when the time is right.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Two. More. Weeks.

I have to admit, I was more than just a little hopeful that yesterday my doctor would magically say, "Oh, this boy needs to come out today!". Last week Jackson was measuring 41 weeks so she wanted an ultrasound to make sure the fluid was good and that everything else was going well. I was so nervous before the ultrasound that I took my little cup into the restroom to get the urine sample and forgot to pee IN the cup. Oh well, evidently I wasn't the first person to ever do that. Ha! Anyway, the ultrasound showed everything is good and that J weighs approximately 7lb, 9oz. Yeah, he's a big boy, but the 68th percentile is not bad. Some other great news about this appt. is that my progress is now to 1 cm and we have an induction date! I know, I know, whoopty doo-da about 1 cm. You don't understand, I have had absolutely zero progress-it felt like negative progress-until now. This was amazing news!
An actual induction date is amazing news as well. I was starting to have nightmares about being at work, two weeks late, waddling around the unit. Nope, unless he comes earlier, Mr. Jackson will be evicted induced on January 27th, only one day after my due date! My doctor will be on call that weekend, my family will be able to be in town, and we have time to get that dang beautiful nursery done!:)
There is just one problem with the 27th, however. It's still two weeks away. You see, I haven't been the most radiant expectant mother ever. Don't get me wrong, I have never forgotten, even for a second, this blessing in my belly. However, I haven't loved the heartburn, getting up every two hours to pee or take TUMS, swollen fingers, or marshmallow feet. Nor will I miss the backaches, waddling, or having to figure out how to roll over in bed to actually get OUT of the bed to go pee. 
Haha. All of that has been true for me. I would do it again, though, in a heartbeat, because I know what's coming. Chris and I can't wait to meet this little boy, find out what he's like, and discover his personality. We can't wait to hold him, love him, and teach him about things. Chris has already been coaching him on the ways of the world by way of my belly button. It's almost unimaginable to think that we are responsible for teaching him, this little human thing, about God's love. See, don't you think we need to go ahead and get started! We have so much to do!:) I could even resign myself to the fact that the nursery wouldn't be completely done, which is something I couldn't have accepted even a week ago! 
That's the story right now. Two. More. Weeks. We can do this, right?

We don't have Jackson's room done but we're close! Here are some pictures for those who are curious:

 See, Jackson's friends are waiting on him!

If you can't tell, the top two in the green are pages from Guess How Much I Love You. The bottom one is a Norman Rockwell painting of two little boys fishing with their pup on a raft.

These letters we are hanging above his crib. I LOVE them! Yay for Hobby Lobby!